Soofia International School participated in an annual tournament organized by Lesotho Institutions Sports Association over the weekend, and indeed gave their best in all games.                   The outcome of this tournament has Soofia qualified for 1st position […]

Chemistry Inquiry

  Engaging in scientific inquiry: Unveiling the concentration of an unknown acid through meticulous titration techniques and also exploring gravimetric analysis in Soofia’s AS Chemistry practical, a journey into the heart of chemical analysis.

University of Pretoria-Soofia

Today’s visit from University of Pretoria marks another step towards success for our students at Soofia International School!             These annual visits are invaluable and motivate our A/AS-level students to work even harder towards their career paths. With early career […]


Grade 8 students ace their Science test using an online platform via the personalised Soofia Etutor application. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to instant feedback.📱💡 #DigitalLearning #GoGreen #EducationInnovation #smartclassroom #soofiainternationalschool #digitallearner                  


Soofia International basketball team travelled to Maseru for the 2023 edition of High School Basket-ball League (HSBL) concluding matches at Moshoeshoe 2 High School; indoor basketball court on Sunday the 17th of March 2024.                 The tournament which […]

Happy International Day of Mathematics

Celebrating International Day of Mathematics with Soofia International School’s Grade 11 students! They put their mathematics skills to the test by practicing drawing graphs using graphics design calculators. From solving modulus functions to quadratic equations and inequalities, they’re diving deep into the world of mathematics! […]

Season of medallion rains on the mighty Soofia

The season of medallion rained on Soofia International School last Friday during the crowing ofchampions for the Lesotho Private High Schools sports tournament at National University ofLesotho International School (NULIS).                 Lesotho Private High Schools sports tournament ignites […]