The central goal in life science as many scientists suggest would be almost impossible without the tools of Information and Communication Technology and that is why Soofia English Medium School management did not hesitate to acquire 40 unbeatable new high speed computers with serious interactive classroom facilities to its learners. The management strongly believes that with this new hardware and software, the job of collecting, archiving, and analyzing data will be simplified. Besides, they will permit investigators (Students and staff in this case,) to make reliable comparisons among information available in the net that is adequate enough to advance the learning process. The conscious outlook and the curious images in this laboratory will not just produce computer age knowledge and the widening of learners’ scope of academic intellect in general but will also enhance a collective guise of a splendid career formation – the management believes. The school therefore in this regard has ICT facilitators currently assisting learners and staff.

Core Features

  • Brand new workstations (40 nos for Highschool, 20 nos for Primary )
  • Digital Interactive Board
  • Overhead Projector
  • Centralized Sound System
  • Broadband Internet Connectivity
  • Standard Network Infrastructure
  • Wi-Fi Enabled