Science unlike other subjects is a practical or engaging subject. It is thus recommended that students be given ample opportunity to be engaged in practical lessons from as early as primary level. Practical work confers many advantages including developing laboratory skills and scientific knowledge, as well as enhancing a better understanding of science concepts and theories learned in class. The Soofia International School Science Laboratory is fashioned in a manner that caters for all our students from the Primary level, through Lower Secondary and IGCSE level to Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced level.

Our science lab is subdivided into two: one fully fitted biochemistry lab with a capacity to hold a maximum of 23 students under standard examination conditions and the physics lab that can hold up to 24 students under the same conditions. In the year 2021, we were able to accommodate the highest number of candidates (84) for the IGCES biology practical in only two final examination sessions.

Due to the Covid-19 national lockdown restrictions in 2020, we were able to have our external students on-site for only 5 months but we are proud to say in those difficult times, 93 science practical sessions were done. This excludes those done by our internal students at all levels.

Some biotech equipment in the laboratory commonly used by the students in A-level
The Electrophoresis station

This is used by students when dealing with genetics. The equipment is used to separate DNA, RNA and sometimes proteins based on their sizes and electrical charge. It is an ideal instrument used to analyze DNA for example in forensics and evolution as well as in classification of organisms based on their DNA and thus the proteins they synthesize

The photo digital calorimeter

This high biotech equipment is used when students are dealing with biochemistry and when dealing with the transport of oxygen in the blood.

The instrument measures the absorbance of wavelengths of light at a particular frequency by a sample. This will give a unique coloration from which the concentration of the solute can be accurately determined. 

In the case of transport of oxygen in the blood this equipment is used to determine the partial pressure of oxygen. The result from this can be used to determine the health or state of the cardiovascular system of an individual.

LCD microscopes

These digital microscopes make it easy for students to carry out their biology experiments. Even those with some eye problems find the topic of microscopy in cell and tissue studies easy.

Smoky sue

This equipment is used when dealing with effects of smoking. The tar from the tobacco is collected and students are made aware of what is present in the tobacco smoked.