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Soofia E-Tutor is Soofia International School’s online learning platform personalised for today’s digital learner. 

The application provides learning material in the form of  video lessons and notes. The learner can access video lessons multiple times enhancing further understanding and independent learning. This is a flexible way of learning anywhere at any time. With the comfort of being a digital learner, assignments, notes and tutorials are accessible at their finger tips. 

As a continuous effort, Soofia has implemented the Flip Learning Program which is a non-traditional method of learning that sways away from learners being lectured, while they listen.

Rather, Flip Learning is “a type of interactive training where the learners carry out a number of intensive individual and group training activities, discussions and improvisation, rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation”. This is beneficial to today’s learner as they are exposed to technology and social media. They are surrounded by vast amount of information on their finger tips; which allows for changes in methods of teaching. This group is called Gen Z; technology is practically their second-nature.



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