The school is managed by the following bodies:


The foundation’s body is made up of the Muslim Community of Butha-Buthe that comprises individuals who are citizens of Lesotho. They own the school. Its major function is to oversee the smooth running of the school and that all other parts of the school function effectively together as a unit. This is important for the proper achievement of the goals for which the school was established.

A committee within the foundation’s body represents the community that owns the school. It ensures that the aims and objectives, as well as the interests of the owners of the school, are met.


It is a committee nominated and appointed by the Foundation’s body.  This committee’s term of office lasts three years. The committee ensures that the running of the school is carried out smoothly. It closely monitors the day-to-day running of the school.

The school is governed by a school board

The school board consists of the following nine members appointed by the proprietor and approved by the Minister-

  • Two members nominated by the proprietor, one of whom is the chairperson;
  • Three members nominated by parents, one of whom is the vice-chairperson;
  • One teacher, nominated by the teachers;
  • A gazette chief or his representatives under whose jurisdiction the school falls;
  • A member of the local council or his or her representatives under whose jurisdiction the school falls; and
  • The principal of the school is the secretary of the board and an ex-officio member.