The Management

School Governance

Soofia International School is governed by two key bodies that work collaboratively to ensure its smooth operation and uphold its mission and values:

  1. The Founding Body

The Founding Body consists of members of the Butha-Buthe Muslim community, who are the proprietors of the school. Their primary responsibility is to oversee the school’s overall direction and ensure that it aligns with the community’s vision and goals.

A committee within the Founding Body, representing the community, safeguards the interests of the school’s owners and ensures that their objectives are met.

  1. The School Board

The School Board is a nine-member committee appointed by the Founding Body for a three-year term. It plays a crucial role in monitoring the day-to-day operations of the school and ensuring its effective management.

The School Board’s composition, as per government regulations, includes:

  • Two members nominated by the Founding Body (one serving as chairperson)
  • Three parent representatives
  • One teacher representative
  • A gazetted chief or their representative from the school’s district
  • A local council member or their representative from the school’s district
  • The School Principal, serving as secretary and ex-ocio member.