The 11 th March has always been a very important day in the Basotho calendar, for it is a country wide celebration of the founder of the nation; King Moshoeshoe. Soofia International merged the primary and high school wings to jointly celebrate this big day with language, dance, song and games. The rich Basotho culture is indeed still evident from generation to generation as we pass on these practices that unite us, the beautiful nation: the Kingdom in the sky.

As guest of Honour, Ntate Rantsoabe related the history of King Moshoshoe I, which strongly teaches about his wisdom, tenacity and love he used to keep the Basotho nation together. On the display was the utensils and things Basotho used in their daily lives and the food. Years later, the nation still celebrates this day as we pass on our legends and cultural values to the young one coming behind.