Soofia International School participated in an annual tournament organized by Lesotho Institutions Sports Association over the weekend, and indeed gave their best in all games.


The outcome of this tournament has Soofia qualified for 1st position in Chess St. Boniface High School as follows: Girls 19: 14 while boys 40:29. Soofia also qualified for basket ball; this qualification is based on the fact that no other school presented the teams in this sport code.

The soccer results stand as thus:
1. Soofia Vs Matlakeng 10: 0
2. Soofia Vs St Philomena 8: 1
3. Soofia Vs St Dennis 2: 1

However, there is one game left for the finals against Potters Wisdom English Medium School.

Apart from healthy competition, sports will always be fundamental in bringing the youth together for a healthy social environment. Opportunities such as this event are very necessary for the balanced development of our learners. We look forward to the final.