Exam time is daunting for many, but here are tips to help through you exams.
  1. Preparation: Prepare, prepare, prepare! There cannot be enough preparation, frankly, the first day you stepped in to class, that’s when you were preparing for this moment. Studying and revising is paramount way before, and during the writing period.
  2.   Eat well: Nutrition is very important during exams; one has to have a balanced diet and lots of water for hydration. Include snacks to keep the energy and blood sugar levels stable. It is not advisable to consume caffeine during this time because when caffeine levels wear off, one may feel weary and anxious, sometimes may result in insomnia (lack of sleep).
  3. Good sleep: For the nervous system to perform well, good quality sleep is a necessity. A good day is when you are well rested, with high energy levels and full on revitalization.
  4. Stay active: try as much as you can to keep moving, it can be walks or regular work outs because all are great to boost you mentally and physically. According experts, exercise helps your brain release more endorphins and other chemicals that make you feel good!
  5. Create a peaceful study sanctuary: Depending on how you learn best, prepare a study area that is suitable for you, if it needs to be quiet, create such a space. Remove most of items that will distract you such as mobile phones, headsets, magazines and the like. Since we study and research online, discipline yourself not to be disturbed by social media, focus and you will not regret.
Continuous best wishes in your on-going exams.