We are thrilled to announce the results of Soofia Science Festival 6, held on 27th April 2024 with the theme “Food vs Fuel”. A total of 19 schools from across the country participated in the science competitions, showcasing their knowledge and talent in various categories. […]


Exciting day at the Soofia Science Festival 6 as Soofia International School proudly opens its new Robotics Lab! We were honored to have Assistant Research Officer Mr Joshua Takalimane from the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology officiate the opening. We extend our sincerest thanks […]

Chemistry Inquiry

  Engaging in scientific inquiry: Unveiling the concentration of an unknown acid through meticulous titration techniques and also exploring gravimetric analysis in Soofia’s AS Chemistry practical, a journey into the heart of chemical analysis.


Grade 8 students ace their Science test using an online platform via the personalised Soofia Etutor application. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to instant feedback.📱💡 #DigitalLearning #GoGreen #EducationInnovation #smartclassroom #soofiainternationalschool #digitallearner                  

Happy International Day of Mathematics

Celebrating International Day of Mathematics with Soofia International School’s Grade 11 students! They put their mathematics skills to the test by practicing drawing graphs using graphics design calculators. From solving modulus functions to quadratic equations and inequalities, they’re diving deep into the world of mathematics! […]

Announcement: SRC Results Released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the Soofia SRC for the academic year 2024. Join us in empowering our student body to be the voice for all. The Soofia administration warmly welcomes our young leaders to steer the school towards […]

Soofia participates in the CHE fair

Council of Higher Education (CHE) held a two day career expo at Manthabiseng, where institutions of higher learning exhibited what they offer. The aim of this fair was to give students the insight into career paths they wish to take, and what career opportunities come […]

Jewelry and Painting

          From crafting beautiful bead jewelry to painting vibrant masterpieces, our preschoolers are unleashing their creativity in every way imaginable! 🎨💍 Watch them shine as they explore the world of art!

Grade 9 Dives into Hands-On Learning

Exciting day in Grade 9 Science as students dive into a hands-on practical on Hooke’s Law! Using flipped learning techniques, students are fully engaged and taking charge of their own learning. This interactive approach is allowing students to understand the concept of elasticity in a […]