Council of Higher Education (CHE) held a two day career expo at Manthabiseng, where institutions of higher learning exhibited what they offer. The aim of this fair was to give students the insight into career paths they wish to take, and what career opportunities come with such an academic route.
Opening the ceremony, the chair person of CHE, DR Sefika expressed that most important stakeholders are the students; the platform is uniquely designed to help them in their academic success. “You cannot make an informed decision without information, hence the investments like these” he stated.
Soofia International School partakes in this event yearly under Colleges category, for we offer AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) and A Level (Advanced). These qualifications prepare learners for university, as it helps with independent learning skills, creates confidence in the learner while it most importantly, qualifies them to study abroad. Soofia through this program empowers its young leaders to confidently match the world standard and be easily absorbed in institutions all over the world.