It is yet another huge moment for Soofia International as we celebrate Mr Vijayakumar Bhaskaran, the school principal’s 20 years of service. This also equally respects and rejoices with long service employees that have been honoured for their commitment with the institution.


This event was a cruise down the memory lane as all looked back at the inception and growth of this impeccable school. Introducing the purpose of the day, Mr. Michael Tosin explained that Soofia has come from a place where it was unknown, but has become a center attraction. He commended Mr Vijay by stating that it is not what you have, rather it is who you are, it depends on who is leading, for a nation to be a success.


Among the speakers was Mr Vijay’s son and Soofia’s alumni, Jayant Bhaskaran who touched many hearts with his testimony of his father. He related that the amount of care that his father has given to the school is more like Soofia is the third child of the family.


“We are put on this earth to help people, nothing else” he quoted a lesson that his father raised them by.
The former Principal at Botha-Bothe Community High School, Mr Molise Nts’ihlele presented that Mr. Vijay taught him that if one wants to be a leader, he must not be a coward. He added that Soofia is now a force to be reckoned with under the leadership of Mr Vijay.


Also present at this occasion was Dr. Senekale, former colleague, Mrs Makutloano ‘Nei, who is District Education Inspector in Botha-Bothe, Ms. Lilahloane Khasoane, Miss Sabia Anwary on behalf of the Muslim Community.
Most times leaders are honored in death, but Soofia International went all out to celebrate its resilient leader. Also, honored and gifted with certificates were Mrs Obi, Mrs Nwahara, Mrs Tokelo, Mr Iga, and Ms. Lieketsemg Mokhitli for their long service.