Soofia come out victors in the national debate

The 24th of May saw Soofia English Medium School passing a strong message to the country as one of the strongholds in education at the National debate which was held in Maseru. The event was honoured by the presence of dignitaries and the thirty participants, […]

School trip to Johannesburg

As part of the learn-by-seeing-and-doing campaign, Soofia English Medium teachers came up with an idea of organizing a two-day trip to Johannesburg on the second week of July. This is done with the aim of exposing students to their future workplaces and it is hoped […]

Teachers vs Students Football

Wednesday’s students Vs teachers football match results -Tuesday 6th 2013 Once again students sent clear warning to all potential gamblers that in future they shouldn’t bet following bookmakers and analysts “pre-match favorites” in football or any other ball played using legs.This they soundly did by […]