Soofia was established as a primary school in 1990 by the descendants of people alienated from Indian subcontinent more than a century ago and settled in Butha-Buthe, Lesotho. The primary aim of establishing Soofia was to provide a platform for the cultural and social pluralism and promote an international outlook in the young generation so that they not only support the growth of the nation but the entire world.

To fulfill the dreams of the founding members, Soofia began shifting from the local curriculum to Cambridge International in its all levels of education in 2014.It currently offers Cambridge International curricula in the Primary, Secondary1, Secondary2(IGCSC) and Advanced Level(A-Level). It also runs a Pre-school which allows young children to be given sufficient foundation in line with the curriculum offered in Cambridge Primary.

Soofia’s e-learning platform is widely used by learners and educators. Our computer lab is fully equipped with necessary hardware and software to enable technology assisted teaching and learning.

The staff provide maximum support for learners to achieve their full potential. It is reflected in the performance of learners in academic and extra-curricular activities. Learners participate in a wide variety non-academic activities. Professional training is provided for soccer, netball, basketball, tennis and table tennis. Soofia’s debating team is one of the best in the country. In recent years, we became national champions three times. All members of our school community are encouraged to give maximum attention and care to environmental issues.

This website will give an insight into the complete functioning of our school.

Vijayakumar Bhaskaran(Mr.)