The girls were assembled today for a talk about their health issues especially the monthly menstrual cycle and overall cleanliness. This presentation was hosted Ts’epang Maboee, Menstrual Hygiene officer and an Activist who enlightened the girls about their menstrual cycles, how to monitor signs and symptoms regarding this time of the month, keeping calendars to observe period lengths, and cleanliness.



She also introduced the use of re-usable sanitary pads which is a groundbreaking stride for recycling, and a number of them were gifted to the students. Ms. Maboee instilled self confidence, self appreciation and ways to take care of themselves. It begins with self awareness to be able to handle changes in our bodies, and avoid the already uncontrollable rise of body shaming and stigma.
Girls deserve to be knowledgeable and assertive about issues that involve them…Soofia International opens up any prospects that will empower their learners.