Butha -Buthe district’s six leading schools in academic excellence billed to expectation domineering at Zonal Schools Centre grouping, district and national ranking awards with Soofia English Medium Schools [SEMS] scooping awards in all categories conferred by Ministry of Education Butha Buthe district from Zone to national level at a ceremony held at Pitso Ground last weekend sponsored by Ned Bank, Standard Lesotho Bank, First National Bank and Metropolitan Lesotho. Soofia English Medium High and Primary Schools [SEMS], Butha- Buthe High School [BBHS], Butha- Buthe Community High School [BBCHS] and Likileng English Medium Primary [ six Schools] among sixteen Primary and eight High Schools in the Zonal Centre grouping dominated in receiving awards at Primary School Leaving Examinations [PSLE], Junior Certificate [JC] and Cambridge Overseas School Certificate [COSC] following excellent performance in 2013 national examinations administered by Examinations Council of Lesotho [ECoL]. SEMS Primary and High School dominated in scooping awards on first position at both Zonal Centre and District level with several candidates featuring from rank two to rank ten on ECoL national ratings. The outstanding achiever have been ‘Nuku Mautse ,a sixteen year old girl student of Soofia English Medium High School who collected four awards and is in top ten’s rank two at National level in 2013 Junior Certificate examinations. Mautse scooped first prizes in Mathematics, Geography and Business Education. In an interview with the school editor ‘Mautse gladly commented, “I give tribute to this resounding success to my leaders and teachers at SEMS for having sleepless nights planning for me to receive the happiness of success l enjoy today. Had it not been their tireless effort as complimented by the guidance and counselling l received from my mother who continually encouraged me to read and shun all moments of getting into joy at the expense of commitment to my books, l could not have been celebrated by all these scores of people from different walks of life l see gathered here.” “Again l heartily thank my school administration and teachers for making me skip Form B to Form C from Form A: and I did not compromise your bold decision and confidence in me. Today l continue to note the zeal and effort you are putting on my studies and l promise you that a bird in the hand is worthy two in the bush; meaning that certainty is better than possibility. I am aiming to pass with distinctions and wishes to study AS Level once our school have been granted permission to administer it so that l qualify for my university entry in which l need to study a degree in Pharmacy and become one of the leading women in the country to manufacture medicine. I desire to become a Bio-Medical scientist researcher to understudy medicine for unfounded diseases with no cure yet and become one of the leading women pioneers to find its cure just as l have been leading in academic excellence lately,” she continued confidently. On this award ceremony, SEMS Primary received six awards at PSLE and sixteen students in the national ECoL rankings while its High School received six awards at JC and has one student in national rankings with COSC receiving thirteen awards and seven students in national rankings. Several teachers from SEMS Primary and High Schools collected best teacher awards in all the subjects at JC and COSC. The total awards received by SEMS counts to 49 awards. At COSE level two student obtained outstanding results Phakoe Lekhooa and Tsietsi Serema. Lekhooa got awards in Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology and Accounting and Serema got three awards on Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting. Other students who got outstanding awards in various subjects at JC and COSC are shown below.

No Name Award
 1  Mautse `Nuku Mathematics, Geography, Business Education
 2  Sehloho Nthoana Mathematics Science
 3  Tseleli Nyasi Geography


No Name  Award
1  Pama Sebabatso  English
2  Liotlo refiloe  Sesotho
3  Polokoane Rethabile  Mathematics
4  Tsietsi Serema  Physical Science, Mathematics, Accounting
5  Phakoe Lekhooa  Physical Science, Mathematics, Biology, Accounting
 6  Joel Tokelo  Physical Science, Biology
 7  Monyane Bonang  Accounting

Commenting on such high performance was Mr Rankaki Leboea on behalf of the teachers, “It is no surprise we have collected maximum awards because our school is characterised of excellence in every level of its academic status. Our teachers are dedicated to their work and highly qualified. We have one of the best, modern, classic Computer Laboratory connected to 24/7 internet provision for studies and a high powered overhead projector. “ “Our classrooms doors are open all weekdays for students to read and the teaching and learning systems we use are second best to none. Not only are we excellent in local ECoL administered examinations but we are affiliated to Cambridge International from Primary to High School. From this affiliation the school has access to teaching and learning material to offer all levels of study,” Rankaki proudly said. Each of the teachers involved in teaching external candidates at Soofia English Medium School (Primary and High) in 2013 received best subject teacher awards. According to Education Officer, ‘Mamoshoeshoe Mohasi, Butha-Buthe performed well in district national rankings of 2013 national examinations in which it is number one in the country at PSLE, number two at COSC and number six at JC. The new Senior Education Officer, Mrs Mabataung Metsing encouraged the current 2014 candidates, teachers and heads of schools to bring down the district to a rapturous applause when results are released next year for the ECoL session. She applauded Soofia English Medium Schools (Primary and High) for the good performance they showed in the 2013 national examinations. NAISON MAFUKU