The American Embassy (Maseru) visited Soofia International Grade 11, A-S Level and Advanced level students for a seminar on what Education USA has to offer for international students, specifically, Lesotho citizens.
Soofia international affords its students such opportunities to pave a way in international academic opportunities. This was an essential meeting as the Education USA helps Lesotho citizens to research their options, finance their studies through scholarships, complete their applications, apply for students’ visa and prepare them for their departure.






Wrapping up the presentation, the Education USA Advisor, Mrs Keneuoe Mphutlane advised the learners that everything they do in school, they must always go an extra-mile because full

scholarships are earned by additional participations in leadership community initiatives or extra-curricular activities.
Soofia International will stop at no point in opening doorways for the world stage for its learners. It is a team effort that goes unnoticed, to empower current students and alumni to be eligible for any educational opportunity across the globe.