The University Of Johannesburg (UJ) paid a visit to give counsel to the AS-Level and A-Level learners about the educational direction they can take. The learners were taught about two disciplines in choosing a good university; match and fit. For one to know that they are a match, they need to know if such a university offers what they are looking for. To be fit means whether you can afford it, and where that institution is ranked.
One of the UJ representatives, Mr Tsheliso Konese delivered that for learners to succeed in institutions of higher learning and life in general, they ought to have discipline, courage, motivation, information, and resilience. He quoted Michelle Obama when she said; “life is what you practice”, and that simply means that they should fix their thought process because whatever they do, is what you get in return.


The Deputy Principal Administration, Mr. Qenehelo Ramothamo advised that in tertiary institutions, there are many opportunities that one can grab, but will not come knocking on your window, one needs to take action.
UJ offers undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Faculties of Art, Design and Architecture, Education, Engineering and Built Environment, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, and Science, and a College of Business and Economics. The University has four campuses around the CBD of Johannesburg in South Africa.
This highly ranked University was also represented by Mr. ThabangMothebe who is an International Admissions Officer (IAO) in Doornfontein Campus, and Ms. MampouNgqumshe, who is also an IAO in Auckland Park Kingsway campus.