The Soofia Mechanization and Cybernetics Club (SMCC) held a presentation for both the primary level scholars and high school colleagues. This event comes after the Winter Robotics boot-camp that was hosted by Girls Coding Academy under the sponsorship of Vodacom Foundation Lesotho. This event was fashioned to teach about building and programming robots using coding. Our team came back with not just victory, but skills and more expertise.

The Robot that they displayed is meant to solve the pollution problems that we have in the country, it picks up litter and throws it in the dump. SMCC asserted that from this event, they took away a lot of skills and they advice their fellow colleagues to take Computer Science seriously because it is the future.


The presentation also revealed how robotics has an impact in repetitive tasks (e.g. assembling cars) and dangerous tasks (e.g. military, firefighting). “There are many career opportunities in this field such as engineering, agriculture, medical field and domestic use” one of the speakers concluded.