Every year Soofia holds top achievers’ awards where learners who performed best are awarded. This year was no different as learners swept away certificates, medals, and gift vouchers.

Among those who were awarded, Francis Obi and Unnati Shankar received a voucher for Excellence in the A-level class of 2022. These two champions were handed over an Apple Ipad worth M5999.00 each today, and it was a moment of joy and celebration.

Unnati Shankar received this gift in absentia as she is currently furthering her studies at the University of Cape Town after winning certificates for A-stars in three subjects, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Receiving this gift on her behalf was her father who was beaming with pride all over his face as he connected with her through video-calling.


On the other hand, Francis Obi is a 19-year-old A-level graduate who obtained certificates for getting A-stars in all four subjects; Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. “I am currently waiting for University admissions so I can venture into medicine or any computer-related field,” he relayed with confidence.
Present at this occasion were Mr. Vijayakumar Bhaskaran, the Principal of Soofia international, Mr. Qenehelo Ramothamo, Deputy Principal of Administration, and Mr. Tosin Michael Adeosun, Deputy Principal of Academics.