Wednesday’s students Vs teachers football match results -Tuesday 6th 2013
Once again students sent clear warning to all potential gamblers that in future they shouldn’t bet following bookmakers and analysts “pre-match favorites” in football or any other ball played using legs.This they soundly did by the way they controlled the match and scored three clear goals in the first half of the match against the teachers’ team some members of which are professional football players in the Lesotho premier league.Some big names in the teacher’s team like Mr Sechaba had to excuse themselves out of the obvious humiliation during the god send half time . To be fare to the teachers this article wants to acknowledge the fact that some teachers like Mr. Monatsi were too tall to get their legs to meet the ball in time thus their seemingly poor poor performance The teachers managed to wipe their tears by scoring two LAST MINUTE goals one of which was through a penalty kick .