Lesotho Career Expo – an annual event that provides career guidance to high school students was hosted at Soofia International School on Monday the 18th February 2019.

Students from around Butha Buthe high schools attended the expo. Present at the expo were local institutions of higher learning, South Africa universities and other stakeholders. They provided fruitful information to the students including, acceptance into the institutions, study loans, study bursary and what awaits them in the cooperate world.

The expo was also graced with the presence of the Honorable Minister of Education and Training Prof. Ntoi Rapapa.





Honorable Minister challenged the students to go an extra mile, he advised them to go beyond what their parents achieved,keep looking for gold that their role models did not achieve.

‘Its Time to go for Gold’ said the Commissioner General of Lesotho Revenue Authority Mr Thabo Khasipe.





While addressing students, Mr Khasipe emphasized that three points are essential when selecting a career, one should like it and be passionate about it, it should make money for you and lastly it should be needed and competitive in the world.





Both the Mr Khasipe and Prof Rapapa warned the students to avoid drugs and early pregnancy so they are not limited to reaching their goals.

We hope all what was planted was will be fruitful.




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