Monday 08th January 2018 saw the release of JC 2017 results by The examinations council of Lesotho.
Soofia International School(formerly Soofia English Medium School) had 69 students seat for the examinations.

Here follows the breakdown of the results:

Grade No of Candidates %
Merit 13 19
First 23 33.3
Second 32 46.3
Third 0 0
Ungraded 1 1.4

These results are slightly better in quality than those of 2016. So much as we believe these results are impressive when looking at them, we want to strive to making sure most of the candidates are clustered to towards the top grades.

Quickly looking at the results one sees that Mathematics and Science have acquired the most As overall. Given that Maths and Science is a difficulty nationwide and we also all know nowadays candidates are encouraged to learn STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines, we are proud to see ourselves performing well in those areas.

Once again we have also maintained a 100% pass rate in English Language, this is also very important because almost all syllabuses are taught in english language at Soofia, excluding French and Sesotho.

As parents and students know, we have shifted completely to Cambridge syllabuses and in 2018 we may have our candidates seat for Cambridge checkpoint examination intstead of JC.

We wish all the candidates the best luck and as they prepare to enter the IGCSE phase of their learning development.

Happy New Year Everyone