Soofia International School prides itself in celebrating learners every year with gold, silver, and bronze vouchers, sponsorship, and much more. This trend has been a repeated history today as Academic Awards were held for the IGCSE, AS Level, and, A Level classes of 2022.



This not only motivates the champions but allows the champions to taste the sweetness of success and appreciation from those who matter the most when it comes to their studies.

Mr. Lazarus Mokhaphekha, CEO of a specialized Insurance company through his representatives has extended a hand in sponsoring ten top-performing students that have applied for the AS Level and A Level in 2023. Each student is awarded a package worth M25 000.00 towards school fees and examination fees. for a full academic year.


Speaking of this prestigious event, school Principal Mr. Vijayakumar Bhaskaran encouraged the students to keep working hard because the secret to success is sticking to the thing until it becomes your character.

Soofia International School is quickly stirring for the best Institution in the southern region with its excellent and extraordinary amazing performance.