To students:
You ought to love yourselves (self-love) unconditionally to such an extent that you will never let anyone compromise your mental health. Loving yourselves unconditionally will enhance your self-esteem and self-appreciation. You will admire yourself as omnipotent in all life challenges. These will enable you to be able to prioritize your mental health even when you are faced with obstacles. “Difficulty comes from our lack of competence” Seneca the Younger
Moreover, the moment you can make sure that your well-being matters most, you will be in a position to surround yourself with good friends rather than staying in toxic friendships that affect you mentally. When a human being lacks (Dasein) confidence, there is a higher possibility for anything to fall apart as a person will not be in a good state to make rational decisions in his or her life.
I hope this letter finds you well and mentally strong for whatever life may throw at you.
Yours Truly
Mrs. Mabandla, School Counselor