It is every citizen’s right to be safe while using their computer; subjects such as Computer Science enlighten our future leaders about such issues. In a class of Grade 10, a presentation on Cyber Security touches upon Brute force attacks. Hackers use this trial and error method to steal personal data, hijack systems for malicious activities, and ruin a company or website reputation and others.





One of the different cyber threats is data interception; a user’s data can be listened to using a laptop, Smartphone’s antenna and GPS. This infringement of privacy cannot be noticed unless one is informed about, so the most trusted ways to protect oneself is by using encryption or complex passwords. The class revealed that there are two types of attacks, the DoS attack which is a cyber attack that makes a computer or other devices unavailable to its intended users, while the DDoS attack is like an unexpected traffic jam clogging up the highway, preventing regular traffic from arriving at its destination. There are ways to protect your computer systems, and that is by using up-to date malware checker, setting up a firewall to resist traffic to and from the web server or user’s computer, and lastly, by applying e-mail filters.








In conclusion, one would want to know if they have already been attacked, such signs are slow performance of your network, inability to access certain websites and large amounts of e-mails reaching your account. With this proactive class, we now have information on how to see, prevent and protect our devices from cyber attacks. Soofia International, we continue to Empower Generations!