We are delighted to announce that Soofia International Entrance Examination (SIEE) for the academic year 2023 admission into Grade 8 will be on 5-November-2022.  Below is the table of the events, date and time.

2022 Entrance Examination Order of Events
Grade 8 Entrance Examination: November 5,2022
Events Time
Arrival & Registration 07:00 a.m. – 08:45 a.m.
Welcoming Address and Preparation 08:45 a.m. – 09:25 a.m.
Mathematics 09:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m.
English Language 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.
Marking and Computing of Mathematics and English 10:30 a.m. – 12: 00 p.m.
Break 11:15 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.
Science 11:55 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Departure of Candidates and Parents 12:30 p.m.
Marking and Computing of Science 12:30 p.m. – 13:15 p.m.
November 7,2022
November 8,2022
Available on Soofia’s Website & Facebook Page
Shortlisted Applicants will be invited on schedule for interview from the week starting November 14,2022



  • All candidates should bring black/blue pen, pencil, ruler and mathematical instrument set
  • Calculators and Cellphones will not be allowed in the examination room
  • Its important for the candidate to know his/her examination number on the day of the exam. Below is a list of all students who have applied and the exam number.
SIEE-0001 Bokaako Thuto
SIEE-0002 Chobokoane Limpho
SIEE-0003 Dasilva Volkan Bokang
SIEE-0004 Dichaba Tlhonolofatso
SIEE-0005 Dlamini Thokozile
SIEE-0006 Foso Rethabile
SIEE-0007 Fuma Lerato
SIEE-0008 Hlabana Katleho
SIEE-0009 Hlakane Nako
SIEE-0010 Hloaisi Tlelima
SIEE-0011 Kabi Thato
SIEE-0012 Kamayou Njoya
SIEE-0013 Kasane Khotsofalo
SIEE-0014 Kepa Katleho
SIEE-0015 Khajoane Malefetsane
SIEE-0016 Kheleli Thabile
SIEE-0017 Khoali Belina
SIEE-0018 Khoathela Lerato Ruth
SIEE-0019 Kobiso Tsireletso
SIEE-0020 Kuape Mpho
SIEE-0021 Lebotsa Serei
SIEE-0022 Lechoba Hlompho
SIEE-0023 Leemisa Retselisitsoe
SIEE-0024 Leroma Keke
SIEE-0025 Lefela Kananelo
SIEE-0026 Lefoka ‘Malira
SIEE-0027 Lefume Reabetsoe  Joyce
SIEE-0028 Lefume Reabetsoe
SIEE-0029 Lekarapa Relebohile
SIEE-0030 Lekhanya Tsepiso
SIEE-0031 Lekhatla Mpho
SIEE-0032 Lekhoana Mohlomi Charles
SIEE-0033 Lepheane Mpoi
SIEE-0034 Lephoto Topollo Regina
SIEE-0035 Lesia Khethang
SIEE-0036 Lesia Fane
SIEE-0037 Lesiea Naleli
SIEE-0038 Lethobane Pulane
SIEE-0039 Lethula Lehlohonolo
SIEE-0040 Letsatsi Molibeli
SIEE-0041 Letsoela Bohlokoa
SIEE-0042 Lipholo Boitumelo
SIEE-0043 Litabe Matlotlo
SIEE-0044 Mabaleha Ndompe
SIEE-0045 Mabele Senkepeng
SIEE-0046 Mabitsoa Palesa
SIEE-0047 Macheli Karabelo Martha
SIEE-0048 Maema Mosa
SIEE-0049 Mafisa Naleli
SIEE-0050 Mafisa Tsoanelo
SIEE-0051 Mahomo Kamohelo
SIEE-0052 Mahomo Katleho
SIEE-0053 Majara Neo
SIEE-0054 Majara Mantsane
SIEE-0055 Makhalemele Neo
SIEE-0056 Makhaola Seetsa
SIEE-0057 Makhetha Tsilo
SIEE-0058 Makhoebe Karabelo
SIEE-0059 Makhorole Thato
SIEE-0060 Makoatsa Lereko
SIEE-0061 Makosholo Bataung Emmanuel
SIEE-0062 Malefane Nepo
SIEE-0063 Malise Rorisang Gilson
SIEE-0064 Mantutle Rorisang Khanya Thenjiwe
SIEE-0065 Mapau Senate Treaty
SIEE-0066 Maphalala Lindiwe
SIEE-0067 Maphika Nyakallo
SIEE-0068 Mapitse Rorisang  Isaac
SIEE-0069 Mapota Kamohelo Angela
SIEE-0070 Masepe Ntsela
SIEE-0071 Mashale Balang
SIEE-0072 Masia Keketso
SIEE-0073 Masuoe Thabiso
SIEE-0074 Masupha Nthati
SIEE-0075 Matekase Rebekah
SIEE-0076 Matela Masheane
SIEE-0077 Matela ThutoVivian
SIEE-0078 Matete Amohelang ‘Malineo
SIEE-0079 Matseletsele Reitumetse
SIEE-0080 Matsoso Mota
SIEE-0081 Mochai Refiloe
SIEE-0082 Moepi Katleho
SIEE-0083 Mofolo Likhabiso
SIEE-0084 Mohale Liako
SIEE-0085 Mohapi Kethabetsoe
SIEE-0086 Mohlabi Mpho
SIEE-0087 Mohlapisi Thembiwe
SIEE-0088 Mohobane Mampho
SIEE-0089 Moiloa Molemo
SIEE-0090 Moima Karabo
SIEE-0091 Mokemane Moluoe
SIEE-0092 Mokhobatau Boiketlo
SIEE-0093 Mokobane Bafokeng Ethan
SIEE-0094 Mokone Mpho
SIEE-0095 Mokotoane Rorisang
SIEE-0096 Molahli Tlalane
SIEE-0097 Molapo Mosa
SIEE-0098 Molapo Mohale Benjamin
SIEE-0099 Moleli Retsepile
SIEE-0100 Moluoane Khotso
SIEE-0101 Monesa Sindiswa
SIEE-0102 Monethi Lehakoe
SIEE-0103 Monne Lisema
SIEE-0104 Mononela Prince Nkosiethethile
SIEE-0105 Montso Leseli  Philomena irene
SIEE-0106 Monyako Tsepiso
SIEE-0107 Monyalotsa Amohelang Portia
SIEE-0108 Morojele Neo Tlhohonolofatso
SIEE-0109 Moroke Mohanoe Kevin
SIEE-0110 Mosesi Samuel Sootho
SIEE-0111 Mosoang Letsema
SIEE-0112 Mosooane Lintle
SIEE-0113 Motebang Leseli Makhosazana see
SIEE-0114 Mothebesoane Refiloe
SIEE-0115 Mothobi Tsepiso
SIEE-0116 Motlalehi Rethabile
SIEE-0117 Motloi Toka Retšepile
SIEE-0118 Motloli Katiso
SIEE-0119 Motseko Nthakoana
SIEE-0120 Motsoane Relebohile Bohlokoa
SIEE-0121 Mpeka Kamohelo
SIEE-0122 Mphafi Mosebi
SIEE-0123 Mphakoanyane Sello
SIEE-0124 Mpotjoana Mamokete
SIEE-0125 Nchaka Malethusang Junicia
SIEE-0126 Nchela Katleho
SIEE-0127 Nikelo Loyiso
SIEE-0128 Nkalai Tlhokomelo
SIEE-0129 Nkalai Reaboka
SIEE-0130 Nkotsi Bahlakoana
SIEE-0131 Nkuebe Senate
SIEE-0132 Nkundanyirazo Emmanuel
SIEE-0133 Nonyana Keketso John
SIEE-0134 Nthane Seipati
SIEE-0135 Ntlhasinye Thuto
SIEE-0136 Ntoi Mokobo
SIEE-0137 Ntsapi Khauhelo
SIEE-0138 Nxongo Lungile
SIEE-0139 Pampiri Kananelo
SIEE-0140 Phafane Lebeoana
SIEE-0141 Phalatse Refilwe
SIEE-0142 Phatela Libolelo
SIEE-0143 Phenethi Karabo
SIEE-0144 Phoofolo Rorisang
SIEE-0145 Pitiri Mosisili
SIEE-0146 Posholi Kananelo
SIEE-0147 Putsoa Relebohile
SIEE-0148 Putsoane Tlalane Mishel
SIEE-0149 Qokolo Poopa
SIEE-0150 Rabaholo Baholo
SIEE-0151 Rakhetsi Tau
SIEE-0152 Rakuoane Liteboho
SIEE-0153 Ramakau Bohlokoa
SIEE-0154 Ramangoaela Limpho
SIEE-0155 Ramape Mohlomi Desmond
SIEE-0156 Ramarikhoane Rets’epile Irene
SIEE-0157 Ramataboe Limakatso Veronica
SIEE-0158 Ramoabi Reitumetse
SIEE-0159 Ramohlabi Mpho
SIEE-0160 Ramohlanka Reabetsoe
SIEE-0161 Ramosetsanayana Itumeleng
SIEE-0162 Rankone Khotso Zachariah
SIEE-0163 Ranthimo Reitumetse Diana
SIEE-0164 Rants’o Rapelang
SIEE-0165 Schriever Bonolo
SIEE-0166 Seetsa Bojoalo
SIEE-0167 Sefeane Naledi
SIEE-0168 Sefuthi Matieho
SIEE-0169 Sekopa Tsepo
SIEE-0170 Seleke Yanga
SIEE-0171 Seleke Nomthandazo
SIEE-0172 Selemo Karabo
SIEE-0173 Sello Mothusi Amos
SIEE-0174 Selomo Mphaphathi
SIEE-0175 Setabele Lethaha
SIEE-0176 Seutloali Senate
SIEE-0177 Shale Bafokeng
SIEE-0178 Sheea Mamakoloane
SIEE-0179 Tabolane Nkokoto
SIEE-0180 Taela Paballo
SIEE-0181 Takalimane Liteboho
SIEE-0182 Thahanyane Khabane
SIEE-0183 Thamae Lerato Gladys
SIEE-0184 Thejane Tsepang
SIEE-0185 Thejane Keketso Tlhonolofatso
SIEE-0186 Thelisi Nombolelo Agnes
SIEE-0187 Theoha Mapoo
SIEE-0188 Thetso Realeboha Lydia Diatile
SIEE-0189 Thokoana Bokang Bokamoso
SIEE-0190 Thulo Tsepo
SIEE-0191 Tlali Nthati Agnes
SIEE-0192 Tlali Tlotliso
SIEE-0193 Tlali Khabane Christina
SIEE-0194 Ts’ehlana Kekeletso
SIEE-0195 Tséhlo Reitumetse
SIEE-0196 Tséhlo Reithabetse
SIEE-0197 Tseuoa Leisa
SIEE-0198 Tsita Siyabonga
SIEE-0199 Tsoaeli Liteboho
SIEE-0200 Ts’olo Masekhoali

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