Art in Education

“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create. ” Former President Barack Obama (United States of America) Soofia International School Grade 6 art class  worked on their fashion design project where they were tasked with designing a side bag. […]

Walking Debate Session

WALKING DEBATE SESSION Soofia International School believes that all people are equal and are supposed to be treated equally despite their race, color, religion or even gender. The Global Perspectives and Research teachers organised a “Walking Debate” session with the following motions: Should we celebrate […]

Soofia Celebrates International Literacy Day

Soofia International School celebrated International Literacy Day 2018 under the theme “Literacy and Skills Development “. The Pre-School II class demonstrated their literacy skills my completing the dinosaur drawing guided by letters of the alphabet and colored it with the color of their choice.

AFRICA CODE WEEK 2018 training at SOOFIA

The first phase of Africa Code Week 2018 training started on the 10th August 2018. Africa Code Week is an initiative that seeks to instill digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation, working closely with private, public and non-profit partners to drive sustainable […]

International Education Link visits Soofia

International Education Link is a company that helps students to study abroad. They provide students with university applications, financial advice and career guidance amongst others.                 They visited Soofia International School Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level students to […]


Yuan Tong High School is a Taiwanese owned school in Mafeteng which runs under an orphanage called Amitofo Care Centre. Yuan Tong aims to provide learners with an environment that inspires creativity, independence and compassion that helps them keep up with the ever changing world. […]