I am Serema Tsietsi. The pioneer of AS-Level programme in 2014. We enrolled for the programmeat Soofia International School. The programme was challenging; with limited resources, lab activities were a tussle to execute,but with essential support from our teachers and the school,we managed to pull through. Completing the programme successfully granted me a spot at the University of Johannesburg to pursue Mining Engineering as an aspiring miner. I am now a UJ graduate.



I am Maselloane Mariam Ramotoho. I did my AS level at Soofia in 2016 and rewrote chemistry in 2017. With the results I got, I then applied for admission at the University of Johannesburg for BEng Tech in Extraction Metalurgy. I am very grateful for the support I received from my teachers and my principal while I was pursuing the program. Grasping at straws as it was, I managed to pull through. The programme simply built a foundation for me, which helped me cope in my first year of study at the university.



Enrolled at Soofia as one of the pioneers of the AS-Level programme in 2014. The programme made the teatiary experience bearable as its learning outcomes are aligned with what’s expected at tertiary level. Completing the programme granted me a spot at the University of Johannesurg to pursue Chemical Engineering as an aspiring Process Engineer.

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