I’m Hemant Vijayakumar, a former A level student at Soofia International in the class of 2018/2019, now doing B.Sc.Biological Science at University of Pretoria with an option of transferring to medicine after the first semester. A level really gives you a foundation unlike any other- foundation may be an understatement as all you do in your first and second year in university are the things you do in A level. Soofia International is helping me achieve my goals even after I’ve left so I’ll forever be in it’s debt.




I began my advance level in 2017 and finished the 2 year course in 2018. During 2018 I applied for a placement at the University of Cape Town, and in early 2019 I was informed that I had been admitted  into the university. It was great news.  although I felt confused and overwhelmed of what course I would do because there were so many options to choose from. That’s when I decided to take a gap year and have a breather just to figure out what I really want to do. After some hard thinking, I have realised that I am an electricity man. I am now enrolled for bsc in electrical engineering at the University of Cape Town, one of the most prominent universities in Africa. It is a beautiful experience to study among people from all around the world. Thanks to Advanced level and Soofia international school.




I am Mpho Lejone, I have been in Soofia my entire life, up till now. I attended AS Level in 2018 and progressed to A Level the following year. The programme was challenging, honestly,but we had great support from our teachers which is why we successfully completed it in the end to grant us a spot at University of Pretoria. I am currently doing Biological Sciences with hopes and aspirations to be enrolled into Medicine. It will not be easy, but easy things are not everlasting in this world.




I am Mpiti Sehlabaka, a former student at Soofia International School. I completed my Advanced Level,commonly known as A Level in 2019. I got straight admission into University of Pretoria for BEng.Chemical Engineering degree. It is four year program, with 6 modules for the first semester and five modules for the second semester of the first year. It is awe-inspiring course. AS and A Level helped me a lot to get admission into the degree itself and not have to go through the ‘bridging’ first.




Without A Levels,being admitted to the University of Pretoria would be out of question. Initially I sought admission to UP in 2018 but my IGCSE was considered equivalent to Grade 11. I was then advised to do AS Level and come back in 2019. But I personally decided to go Soofia and complete the full 2 years of AS and ALevel to give me a competitive edge in 2020,admission wise. The A Level has equipped me with the necessary skills I required to handle the rigorous tertiary level of study.




I am Kethabile Ts’ilo, I am 19years old. I did my AS and A-Level program at Soofia International School in 2018/2019. I am currently studying Biological Sciene at University of Pretoria with the aim of making it into medicine during the midyear transfer process.

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