THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SCHOOL The day today running of the school is under the direct supervision and/or instruction by the School Principal. The Principal is deputised by 3 personnel;

  • The duputy principal –Primary school section
  • The deputy principal –Secondary school section
  • The deputy principal –Advanced Level of education section

The school is organized into sections and three departments.

  1. The primary section is divided into eight classes of learning. They begin with the pre-school, then foundation and the later 6 classes completing the Nation’s Primary Education cycle and in line with the Cambridge International Primary School Curriculum.
  2. The high school section is made up of 5 classes of learning;
  • 3 in Cambridge Secondary 1; Grades 7-9
  • 2 for Cambridge IGCSE; Grades 10-11
  1. The advanced level of education section is made up of 2 classes of learning
  • 1 for the AS-level of education; Grade 12 and,
  • 1 for the GCE level of education; Grade 13

In the primary section the subjects are grouped and learning is coordinated by 3 subject coordinators. All learning activities are coordinated, managed and assessed under 3 departments in the high school section. The three departments are very apparent at the high school level owing to the diverse differences in the nature and content of the subjects. They are;

  1. The department of sciences
  2. The department of languages and
  3. The department of humanities.